Your Frequently asked Questions

Q: How can I learn more about what is going on at Nautique?

A: We offer multiple e-communications to help keep you connected to everything going on at Nautique. Below is a sample of the many options available for sharing, interacting and connecting with us.

Nautique Insider - The Nautique Insider contains exciting information about Nautique and gives the information from our CEO’s personal perspective. If you’d like to sign up to get the Nautique Insider, visit

Team Blog - The Team Nautique blog is designed to keep customers informed about all of the things happening with our water ski and wakeboard athletes. This site details the latest pictures, YouTube videos and news from Team Nautique athletes. View and/or subscribe to our Team Blog at

Nautique Nation - Our monthly e-newsletter features the latest updates from Nautique including Team Nautique podcasts, details on upcoming events and special promotions. View and/or subscribe to the Nautique Nation at

Nautique Social Networks - Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and more. Visit to learn more.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of the 2013 Nautique product line brochure?

A: To request your own copy of the 2013 Nautique brochure, fill out the request a brochure form located on our website. If you would like to view the digital version of the 2013 Nautique product brochure, visit

Q: How can I learn more about the history of Nautique?

A: Nautique is proud to be celebrating its 88th anniversary this year, and we want you to have the opportunity to learn about our many milestones and innovations along the way. Learn more about our rich history and how we have revolutionized the industry time and time again by visiting the Nautique history timeline and the Nautique innovation timeline.

Q: Do you offer Nautique apparel items for purchase?

A: Visit Nautique Gear ( to purchase Nautique branded clothing, available in men's, women's and youth sizes, as well as a wide variety of accessories.

Q: Do you have Nautique screensavers and desktop images available for download?

A: Yes, we offer Nautique desktop images and screensavers showcasing the 2013 Nautique product line up, here on our website. Visit desktop images and/or screensavers to learn more.

Q: I am interested in visiting your corporate headquarters. Do you offer tours?

A: Our Nautique Customer Care department conducts tours Mondays - Thursdays at 10 am and 2 pm.  Closed toe shoes are mandatory and children under 10 are not allowed on the factory floor. Reservations are required. Please contact Nautique Customer Care at or at Toll Free: 1-800-346-2092 to schedule a visit to our world-class headquarters today.

Q: Where can I find an owner's manual that's either been misplaced, never received or for a used boat I recently purchased?

A: Your Nautique dealer can obtain an owner’s manual for you if the boat you purchased was manufactured within the past five years. If your boat was produced before this time frame, owners’ manuals from previous model years can be found at Nautique has owner manuals available from 2001-2013 in PDF format for download or print.

Q: Where can I locate the key code for my Nautique boat?

A: Your Nautique dealer should be able to provide you with the key code for your boat. If you did not purchase your boat through a Nautique dealer, contact Nautique Customer Care at  Please be prepared to show ownership to receive a key code.

Q: Where can I find information about the PCM Engines utilized in Nautique boats?

A: Nautique has partnered with PCM for over 30 years. As the recognized leader in providing customers with superior quality products, Nautique will settle for nothing less than providing you with the very best in propulsion systems. Our exclusive power provider, PCM®, builds engines that meet the demanding needs of the watersports industry. With unbeatable performance, outstanding durability and more features and benefits than any other provider, PCM® is the premium choice for inboard power. For more information about PCM, please visit

Q: I recently purchased a used boat. What is the process for requesting a warranty transfer?

A: Close to the back of your owner’s manual there is a request for warranty transfer form that will allow you to make your warranty request for parts and/or hull, deck and stringer. When you have completed the information, please mail the finished form along with bill of sale and your payment to 14700 Aerospace Pkwy. Orlando, FL. 32832 Attention: Nautique Warranty Department. 

*Note: if you have a 2006 or previous model year owner’s manual, the address has changed.

Q: How long do I have to transfer the warranty as the second owner?

A: You have 15 days from the date of the bill of sale.


Q: I am trying to locate replacement gel coat color(s) that match my Nautique boat. Where is the best place to search further?

A: The best place to start is to contact your closest Nautique dealer.  Nautique dealers have access to the gel coats used in the Nautique build process. If you are not familiar with your nearest Nautique dealer, please visit

Q: Is it possible to buy parts directly from the Nautique factory?

A: Nautique is not equipped to process orders directly from customers. In order to better serve you, please contact your nearest Nautique dealer who will be able to assist you with ordering the parts you need that are less than 10 years old. You can locate your closest dealer via the Nautique Dealer Locator at

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